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“Estamos limitados a voar no máximo 24 horas” devido às condições físicas na pilotagem, disse o co-autor do projeto. Ele pilotará o avião em em revezamento com Bertrand Piccard, outro  criador do Solar Impulse.

The main task of the employees in-country will be to implement large-scale projects with independent power producers (IPPs) and EPCs. For two major projects, the Neckarsulm-based company has already been selected as supplier for solar inverters. AE-AMD Renewable Energy (a joint venture between Spanish AMDA energia and the South African Alt-E Technologies) and Tenesol (a SunPower company) are constructing two solar power plants in the Northern Cape province, with Tenesol acting as the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction).

Por motivos de segurança, a travessia deve ser realizada em cinco etapas, segundo a AFP. Tecnicamente, a aeronave pode completar o voo sem fazer escalas, mas o trajeto exigiria pelo menos três dias de viagem, o que dificulta muito para o piloto, afirma Borschberg.

The solar farms have a combined power of 33MW. KACO new energy is supplying 900 Powador 39.0 TL3 inverters for a decentralized implementation of both. But the company also offers solutions for centrally organized solar parks with its growing number of large-scale inverters such as the Powador XP550-HV TL outdoor. The next objectives for the South African office are supplying projects in the industrial sector and developing the sales partner network to also serve the residential market.

Energía Llaima (Las Condes, Chile) and Sunmark A/S (Svendborg, Denmark) have begun construction of a solar thermal plant to support a mining operation in Northern Chile, which they say will be the largest plant of its type in the world.

Photo: ERR

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