solar energia

solar energia

The registration process can act as an unnecessary barrier for smaller PV plants. Natalizia argues that such actions only introduce more red tape and will make the system more bureaucratic. EuPD Research has also shown that this process will create an indirect barrier into the solar market and could come at an additional cost of $3.68 per kWh for businesses. All systems will have to register in order to receive funding, which is divided into different areas. After receiving criticism on the registration process, the government has assured that it will make it as simple as possible.

As we reported when we last covered the upcoming auction: “The inclusion of solar PV is something of a surprise, given relatively recent comments from the government in Brazil stating that it didn’t expect solar PV to become a viable option in the country until 2017 or so. But it appears that there must have been some unexpected developments since then, as solar PV will now been included in the auctions.”

Published on October 11th, 2013 |
by Nathan

Segundo o engenheiro nenhuma outra energia renovável tem potencial para se destacar no estado como a solar. De acordo com como ele, o Nordeste e o Piauí apresentam condições propícias para o desenvolvimento da produção desta energia limpa.

PV Tech provides more: “Iguaçú Geração de Energia provides energy for a region of more than 80,000 inhabitants in the municipalities of Xanxerê, Xaxim, Maremma, Entre Rios, Bom Jesus, and part of Great Lageado Ipuaçu, Mountain Range High and Colonel Freitas. The MoU signing follows increasingly encouraging news from Brazil’s emerging solar market. It recently included solar in its energy tender auctions for the first time and then announced new renewables incentives.”

Com relação às outras energias limpas, principalmente a eólica, Jens ressalta as características levam ao seu maior potencial no estado.  “Além do Piauí ter uma irradiação solar invejável quando comparamos com a Europa, a energia solar é mais moldável que a eólica, pois pode ser utilizadas mesmo nas regiões menos favorecidas”, afirma.

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