solar energia

solar energia

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“We look forward to an exceptional occasion for bringing together the mining and solar industry, which is increasingly joining forces in real project throughout the world,” commented Pablo Burgos, CEO of Solarpack, who is presenting at the Summit.

El Congreso Mundial de Energía Solar 2013, organizado por la Sociedad Internacional de Energía Solar (ISES por sus siglas en inglés) y la Asociación de Energía Solar de México (ANES), espera reunir a más de mil 500 participantes de todo el mundo, anotó Díaz Carvajal.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Americans for Prosperity – a political lobbying group founded by billionaire fossil fuel industrialists Charles and David Koch — is currently lobbying the Georgia state legislature to reject a plan requiring Georgia Power, one of the largest energy utilities in the American Southeast, to buy more solar energy.

Con este tipo de eventos, dijo, Quintana Roo se posiciona y se proyecta como un estado pujante, próspero y seguro, cumpliendo con los ejes de competitividad y fortaleza establecidos en el Plan Quintana Roo 2011-2016.

Peru is the third-largest country in South America, with a population over 24 million. It has average solar radiation levels which can reach 5 kWh per m2 a day in the Sierra (foothill of The Andes). Peru is also home to the first major PV installation in Latin America.

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