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panel solar

He said that SMC faced some interesting issues in the project design. The nature of the capped landfill would not allow for a base driven more than 6 inches into the ground, he said, so the panel array is anchored to large concrete blocks that are more like moorings or above-ground footings.

The towns of Tisbury and West Tisbury are considering similar projects. West Tisbury selectmen voted on December 5 to enter into an agreement with Cape and Vineyard Electrical Cooperative (CVEC) to allow the cooperative to build a photovoltaic array at the town landfill off Old Stage Road. Tisbury is also working with CVEC to put its first solar array at the site of its old landfill off State Road.

Korean conglomerate Hanwha already invested in OneRoof Energy back in 2011, and has funded other solar startups like solar panel tech maker TenKsolar, silicon wafer maker 1366 Technologies and Crystal Solar in Silicon Valley. Hanwha also spent $370 million for a nearly 50 percent stake in China-based silicon solar cell and panel maker Solarfun Power in 2010 (which has since been renamed Hanwha SolarOne). Hanwha has its own solar business is called Hanwha Solar, which set up an office in the U.S. in 2011 and inaugurated a $14 million research and development center in Silicon Valley.

While solar startups that are making next-generation solar panels struggled in 2012 — and will continue to in 2013 — solar startups that are selling services are on the up and up. Solar nerds call those the “downstream” solar companies.

Those companies are doing well because solar cells and panels are at one of their cheapest points in history, and in the U.S. and China solar panels are being installed on rooftops at a rapid rate. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that there were 3.2 GW worth of solar panel capacity installed in 2012 in the U.S., up from the 1.89 GW installed in the U.S. in 2011.

SolarCure introduced this new marketing method in late 2012. All of the initial sponsors for the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program benefitted in a variety of ways from the distribution of their Solar Powered SEO™ press release. Each article contained targeted keyword phrases related to their business category; search engines then index each article. Press releases featured on established websites such as Yahoo! Finance News and can be recognized as having importance or meaning, and therefore help generate improved credibility along with greater online visibility. The chosen recipient for the inaugural Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ campaign is Colonia, New Jersey’s VFW NJ Post 6061. Here are some important points of success for three of SolarCure’s first sponsors:

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