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By law, the American government already couldn’t. On President Herbert Hoover’s last day in office in 1933, he signed the “Buy American Act,” which says the US government will give preference to US-made products, if costs are reasonable, for things like highways and transit programs. Simple enough.

But in the modern global economy, manufacturing isn’t nearly as clean and simple. If Country A supplies the raw material for parts that are made in Country B, then manufactured in Country C, then exported from Country D, who can rightly claim ownership of the final product?   

“That’s an interesting question,” Shiao says. “There are certainly competitive manufacturers in the rest of the world that could also supply modules [panels], potentially. It just depends on what the cost point of those factories in, let’s say, Singapore’s are versus what the US is producing.”

Visakhapatnam: With the focus shifting towards solar energy as an effective non-conventional energy source, Indian scientists have achieved a simple yet effective technological breakthrough which will increase the efficiency in harnessing solar energy.

Speaking at the inaugural session of a national seminar-cum-workshop on non-conventional energy sources at Delta Studies Institute, Andhra University, T. Harinar-ayana, the director of Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, said that, “With this new technique, energy generation will increase by 60-70%.” 

We harvest 99 point 8% off the extra energy that is produced borrowed following the — With — — controlled panelists are disrupting an industry that’s just finding its own finding what’s of interest is there from with in the solar energy community.

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