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Plugged Solar is similar to the standard solar photovoltaic panel system where the DC power from the solar panel is converted to AC power using grid tie inverter, while interacting and synchronizing with the utility grid. The typical residential systems are of 240VAC, requiring a professional electrician to do the high voltage connections. Plugged Solar is 120VAC system with the plug at the end to plug in. The largest system is below 1.7KW, within the limit of a plug socket. The technology includes the voltage conversion box from 240V AC to 120VAC, which is the voltage for a regular appliance that can be simply plugged in.

HOUSTON, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — PluggedSolar™ is a DIY kit that typically installs in one day. It plugs into the regular wall socket as you plug any appliance. The DIY kit is preconfigured and prewired reduces the cost of solar, making the installation simple, saving the homeowners more than half of the typical solar installation cost.

The Seaward Solar PV150 is a dedicated multi-function PV electrical tester designed specifically for solar panel system installation. It performs open circuit voltage measurements (Voc), short circuit current measurements (Isc), earth continuity, insulation resistance and operating current (via AC/DC current clamp) checks.

The required sequence of tests are undertaken with the push of a single button and results can be recorded and stored in the tester for subsequent USB downloading to a PC.

On the Isle of Eigg, installation work was also recently completed on an extension to the islands existing solar PV generating capacity with the addition of a new 6 string, 22.5kWp PV array using 90 REC 250PE 250Wp PV modules.

The typical kits have 1.2KW and 1.7KW Solar Power and meets the local utility and building requirements. The kit is pre-configured and wired for ease of installation and maximizing power production. The system has 5 years of warranty.

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