kit solar

kit solar

“Our original Sherpa was well received by explorers and travelers alike, and this second generation model takes the product to a whole new level,” said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of Goal Zero. “We reduced its size and weight by over 50 percent and increased functionality with the ability to directly charge a laptop.”

The solar recharging kit isn’t cheap at $399.95 (including the inverter), but it offers an interesting mix of portability and power for people on the go. This device isn’t only for the outdoorsy type, it would also significantly benefit business travelers who are away from an outlet for a long time. The device uses an internal lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 50Wh.

Real Goods said the new PowerOn packages include high-quality equipment, full system warranties, professional site inspection, complete installation by a licensed professional, public utility review and interconnection to the local utility.

What the Sherpa 50 is a solar powered recharging kit is designed to allow you to take your notebook computer and other devices completely off the electric grid. This might be the perfect thing for people who like to spend time outdoors camping and doing other things, but don’t want to be without their technology. After a year delay, the Sherpa 50 is finally available to purchase.

To test it, Goal Zero sent Sherpa 50 kits along with a group of elite surfers from Surfer Magazine as they spent fourteen days roughing it in the Russian wilderness – living off the land and exploring the unknown. Using this solar powered charger, they were able to keep their laptops and cameras fully juiced, capturing stunning images from this Russian surfing paradise.

The other element of the kit that I would like to see improved is more design related. While its weight is only 2.7 pounds, that can still be a significant amount to add to your pack when you’re wanting to travel light. Hopefully future versions of the Sherpa 50 kit can find ways to reduce the weight further, while still managing to keep performance high. This is less of a criticism than it is wishful thinking though, as it wasn’t all that long ago that we would have thought it impossible to have this kind of solar charging option in such a compact package.

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