enrgia solar

enrgia solar

We’ve covered some key work on this front, including Duke Energy’s efforts to integrate multiple vendor devices on the edge of the distribution grid, and last week’s “grid devices as applications platform” announcements from two companies vying for the title of smart grid networking kingpin, Silver Spring Networks and Cisco Systems.

The six firms – Acciona Energia, Alstom,
ERG, Enercon, RES and Vestas – told a Brussels
audience the EU should instead make a 30 percent green energy
goal binding on all 28 member states.

Then there’s the increasingly complex and expanding world of smart thermostat makers, middleware providers, and utility integration platforms working together to deliver utility-to-home energy connectivity. Now we can add data analytics engines to that mix.

Itron and Clipper Creek will soon be shipping these devices to buyers, Wolf said. An early test customer is Tennessee Valley Authority, the federal power agency, which is using them to manage its electric vehicle fleet, Knuth said. In fact, Itron’s Web interface added a bucket truck icon to the list of typical vehicles it links to for TVA’s pilot, he said.

Authorities in Brazil’s northeastern state of Alagoas have approved the granting of fiscal, credit and building site incentives to photovoltaic solar equipment manufacturer Pure Energy Geracao de Energia, which is planning to invest BRL 40 million ($16.6 million) in the construction of a new 40 MW photovoltaic module plant in the region.

BRUSSELS, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Leaders of six green energy
firms challenged big utilities on Wednesday by advocating a
tougher EU renewable goal to save billions in fossil fuel
imports and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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