energuia solar

energuia solar

The company’s development portfolio aggregates over 18 MMBbls of net proved and probable reserves certified as of December 31, 2012, which are expected to increase materially in the June 30, 2013 reserve certification due to the successful drilling program in the Cohembi field as well as the positive results from the water-flooding program initiated in December 2012.

Founded in 1996, ACON is a private equity investment firm focused on the United States and Latin America with over $2.8 billion of capital managed.  ACON invests throughout Latin America focusing on industries or businesses at key inflection points in their development and pursues these opportunities in close partnership with established management teams. ACON has offices and investment professionals throughout the Americas including Mexico City and Sao Paulo.  ACON’s investment in Vetra will be funded with equity commitments from ACON Latin America Opportunities Fund, L.P.  (“ALAOF”), ACON’s third pool of capital for the region, as well as with equity commitments from its co-investors.  Other investments completed by ACON in Colombia include Almacenes Vivero, Carulla y Cia, Credivalores and Grupo Sala.

PV Insider LATAM (10-11 September, Santiago) will provide companies with the in-depth market information they need to accurately evaluate the possibilities for their company in the country. Whats more the event will share the crucial commercial and technical strategies companies need to follow to be successful in this exciting market.

In addition to its producing assets, Vetra has an extensive portfolio of exploration concessions awarded by the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (“ANH”) during the 2010 and 2012 bidding rounds. These concession blocks are distributed between the Putumayo and Llanos Basins and represent a significant upside opportunity for the company.

Humberto Calderon Berti, President of Vetra, added, “together with our former partners of Inveravante, we have completed a phase of consolidation and growth that now, with the participation of our management, technical and other staff, together with our new partners ACON and CIPEF, will be strengthened to make Vetra one of the most important companies in this sector in the region.”

Además, aseguran, la generación de energía limpia en los propios domicilios ahorra costes a la sociedad, reequilibra la balanza comercial al no tener que importar tanto combustible fósil y reduce los riesgos del transporte de electricidad a largas distancias. También han acusado al Gobierno español de vulnerar la legislación europea de implantación de las renovables y de lucha contra el cambio climático, por lo que si finalmente se aprueba la penalización acudirán a la Unión Europea.

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