energias renobable

The secondary plant, of gravity type, is located downstream closer to the river’s mouth. The five largest tower cranes working in this project are: two 48t 21LC750’s and three 18t 21LC550’s. A 5t 5LC5010 is working as a service crane, helping to manage the machinery and materials required on the site.

The Belo Monte Dam project is so large and is located in such a remote area that the crane’s first project is to build factories that will make the tools needed for the dam’s construction. One such task was to help construct a concrete factory located directly on the job site. The factory will produce concrete that will fill the walls and other structural sections of the dam.

La Secretaría de Estado de la Energía, a través de la Subsecretaría de Energías Renovables, prestará soporte y realizará la evaluación técnica de los proyectos que se presenten, los que una vez preseleccionados podrán presentarse en el Banco para su tramitación.

Asimismo, el mandatario provincial destacó la “sinergia” provincial con la Municipalidad de Rosario la cual “a través de su Banco Municipal, se puede seguir creciendo, respetando el medio ambiente. Este es el camino que tenemos que seguir”, afirmó.

Van Doorn’s founder and director Dayne Davis described their work on the dam: “The cranes performed many lifts during the course of the project including having to use the previously erected tower crane in order to erect the next tower crane. It took precise project management to ensure all units were positioned adequately to satisfy all lifts, not only for the project, but also for the erection/dismantle sequence. One climbing frame was used to erect all five cranes.

Fleets of cranes are playing a major role at a number of large hydropower projects worldwide. For example, a sizeable fleet of Grove cranes has been engaged to help build the world’s third-largest hydroelectric project: the Belo Monte Dam, in Para, Brazil. Located along the Xingu River, the new dam will produce an expected 11,000MW of power, making it the second-largest source of hydroelectric power for the country.

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