energia renobables

energia renobables

“Nos emociona asociarnos con Apple en un nuevo proyecto de energía solar, el primer proyecto bajo nuestro nuevo Programa de Energía Verde”, dijo el presidente y director general de NV Energy, Michael Yackira, en un comunicado.

D. Analysis of Fuel Cell Initiatives by State D.1 Alaska D.2 Arizona D.3 Arkansas D.4 California D.5 Colorado D.6 Connecticut D.7 Delaware D.8 District of Columbia D.9 Florida D.10 Georgia D.11 Hawaii D.12 Idaho D.13 Illinois D.14 Indiana D.15 Iowa D.16 Louisiana D.17 Maine D.18 Maryland D.19 Massachusetts D.20 Minnesota D.21 Mississippi D.22 Missouri D.23 Montana D.24 Nebraska D.25 Nevada D.26 New Jersey D.27 New Mexico D.28 New York D.29 North Carolina D.30 North Dakota D.31 Ohio D.32 Oklahoma D.33 Oregon D.34 Pennsylvania D.35 Rhode Island D.36 South Carolina D.37 South Dakota D.38 Tennessee D.39 Texas D.40 Utah D.41 Virginia D.42 Washington D.43 West Virginia D.44 Wisconsin D.45 Wyoming

El gobernador Brian Sandoval elogió el proyecto y los cientos de empleos que generará en el condado de Lyon, que tiene la mayor tasa de desempleo en el estado.

H. Why CHP is the Competitive Solution for the U.S. H.1 Overview H.2 Economic Benefits for the U.S. H.3 Dealing with Local Energy Issues with CHP H.3.1 Overview H.3.2 Potential CHP Capacity H.3.3 Increasing Role of CHP in Generation H.4 Transition to Modernized Infrastructure H.4.1 Overview H.4.2 Location of Energy Resources near Demand H.4.3 Utilities and Grid Benefits H.4.4 Efficiency of the Power Grid H.5 Challenges Facing the Industry H.5.1 Regulating Fees and Tariffs H.5.2 Problems with Grid Integration H.5.3 Environmental Regulations H.5.4 Taxation Issues H.5.5 Technical Challenges H.6 Addressing the Need for Further R&D

B. Types of Fuel Cells B.1 Alkaline Fuel Cell B.2 Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell B.3 Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell B.4 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell B.5 Electro-galvanic Fuel Cell B.6 Flow Battery B.7 Formic Acid Fuel Cell B.8 Fuel Cells Minus Membranes B.9 Metal Air Fuel Cells B.10 Metal Hydride Fuel Cell B.11 Microbial Fuel Cell B.12 Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell B.13 Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell B.14 Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells B.15 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell B.16 Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell B.17 Regenerative Fuel Cells B.18 Reversible Fuel Cell B.19 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell B.20 Zinc-Air Fuel Cells

The regulatory framework in place for promoting renewable energy resources in the US is analyzed in-depth along with their impact on the renewable energy sector. Some of the regulations analyzed in this report include state-wise analysis of feed-in tariffs, renewable portfolio standards, the DOE Wind Program, Fuel Cell initiatives, the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and 2005, the California Solar Initiative, the Solar America Initiative, and the most recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We also analyze the provisions and impact of this Act on the energy industry. Some of the major players in the renewable energy industry having presence across sectors are analyzed, such as GE ENergy, Bosch, Sharp Corporation, Shell Renewables, Iberdrola Renovables, and others.

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